Corporate Social Responsibility

a way of life for

Employees are our greatest assets. Hence we care for their welfare

We at GVPR care for the employee's personal growth and career development as well as their general well-being. GVPR ensures that every employee works in a positive environment to work, share and grow.

Employee health and safety is our prime responsibility, not just for a competitive advantage but for the respect and value we have with them.

"The real happiness lies in giving" - GVPR strongly believes this, and so it is continuously involved in giving back to the society.

GVPR is dedicatedly engaged in philanthropic activities and the Company lends a helping hand to organizations involved in the field of health care, educare, agri-care, animal-care and aqua-care, etc.

GVPR also extends liberal support to the Central / State Governments during natural calamities. Our concern for animal welfare was concretized by establishing a veterinary hospital in a village. GVPR also supports the poor students to pursue higher education by adopting students.

GVPR, in order to do more good work on the back drop of CSR provisions in the Companies Act, 2013, has established GSPV Trust, an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), through which many community works are being undertaken. GSPV Trust with the support of funds released by GVPR and other voluntary contributions started working in the field of Health, Education, Rural Development, Women Empowerment, Employment Generation etc., and also extending its timely support in providing relief during natural calamities in the country.

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